This is Not a CD

by the Nabokov Project

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Recorded in Pittsburgh, PA.


released July 3, 2004


all rights reserved



the Nabokov Project Appleton, Wisconsin

Formed in the shadows of a Midwestern University in the mid nineties, the Nabokov Project is the ongoing work of singer- songwriter MW Gargo. Previous incarnations have included the membership of Dave Pollock (spoken-word vocals), Ted Leslie (percussion), Thea Morton (cello, guitar, and keys), and MW Gargo (vocals, guitar, bass, violin, computer, and keys). ... more

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Track Name: Pop Song
thunder out the bedroom window
echoes down the parking lot
think I’ll turn on the TV
turn up the Radiohead CD.

Empty out the coffee grounds
wonder where the trash will go
wash my hands in the dark
blue light flickers down the hall

watching John Walsh on TV
points his finger at me
had a son who lost his head
in the mall, in the mall.

‘cause gray is setting in
and this is just a song
so cut it down again
and dream it over/up again

my mother told me,
"never talk to strangers
unless they have good candy"

my pastor always said,
"'cause you don’t love Jesus
I cannot save you"

my father told me,
"never to talk to preachers
unless you have the soul to spare"

my girlfriend always said,
"if you can’t write pop songs
what are you good for?"
Track Name: Girl on a Bus
The rain has turned down to drizzle
By now, it has to be closer to midnight
A girl sleeps on a city bus
Dreams under florescent light

I walk back to my deadbolt
My shirt starts to soak through
And I think is this what the rain’s for
to wash the oil from the streets

And is there
nothing as lonely
as watching
her passing by
Is there nothing
as empty as midnight?
as rain
dripped from a streetlight?

I wish that the streets would be silent
That someone would unboard these windows
As the bus groans over my shoulder
But I don’t look behind

And is there
nothing as lonely
as watching
her passing by
Is there nothing
as empty as midnight
as shadow
dripped from a light
still knowing
that this is goodbye
and knowing
that this was goodbye
Track Name: Look
by Eric Van Thiel (Salt)
Track Name: the Gift (unplugged)
She hides in a closet
on shoebox lids
through musty suits

uncle works on a bottle
cigarettes, TV set

mom and dad scrape their plates
by the Christmas tree
they don’t see him
the bedroom door, closes in

and there’s a shotgun underneath his couch
"but he finds me...and he loves me to keep..."

"I’m feeling sick. Can we go back
to grandma’s yet?"

out on the porch
the house was loud; she told him so
walked into the yard
to get some air, against a tree

"little bitch," he called.
"too conceited to stand by me
I’ll do you a favor put you in your place."
grounded, hands around her face

"I’m feeling sick. Can we leave
the party yet?"

Empty grows a hungry smile
staring down trapped by the gaze
a body; the object; body; libido

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