a fire in the dimming light

by the Nabokov Project

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released January 2, 2020


all rights reserved



the Nabokov Project Appleton, Wisconsin

Formed in a basement in Eau Claire, WI in 1998 (2 doors down from "third and lake it burnt away" from Bon Iver's "Holocene"), the Nabokov Project is the work of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist m gargo.

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Track Name: when we were kids
When we were kids
Riding our bikes
Late at night I could see you cry
Now I wish you nothing but happiness
Now I wish you nothing but loneliness

Now you sit in your dim and silent room
Surrounded by your empty books
The novels you write, write to yourself
Now I wish you nothing but happiness
Now I wish I could take your loneliness

When we were…kids
Riding our bikes
Late at night I could see you shake
Now I wish I could take all of your emptiness
Now I wish I could take all of your loneliness
Track Name: at the punk rock show
the walls are empty tonight
wading through cigarette smoke
drowning in faces
dressed up and watching

try to suck it down
a match to warm a tomb
cause laughter is cancer
cause cancer is laughter


lean against a stair
speak another line
then seal it with a smile
sulking in lipstick

take a trip from you
until the shapes dissolve
dropping and forget
‘til time is the aimless

cry into the headlight
lost in the back seat
ambition crawls backwards
on vinyl and sober

generations driving drunk for generations...
Track Name: the boy in the sea
Face down on the ground in the water
Quiet now, he drowned with his mother
All I see lapping waves all around
Now we’ll leave all we’ve seen in the water

But he was not my son
He dreamed for everyone
But we will let him go
To a soft sandy hole

Morning light, smoky sky, children running
All around there’s the sound buildings crumbling
Dig a hole spread the dirt all around them
Mumbled prayer on the stair voice is hallow

How many times
will it take for to you understand
2000 years
and there’s still no plan
Who do you think
will be there to hold your hand
2000 years
and there’s still no plan
Track Name: the dying of the light
we were walking in the sun
scent of lavender at play
blue eyes young and beautiful
hand shading your face

i can almost smell the leaves now
brittle fingers twist & curl
the breath of summer turns to whisper
and the dimming of the days

many years from this moment
when all the stars shiver gray
all we know will swirl and darken
spinning slowly to decay

there'll be no one left to mourn us
no one to watch our children grow
all we've touched will be forsaken
scattered dust into the rain
Track Name: calling down the moon
When we were in the alley
We found our heart strings
We tripped through your doorway
And crawled inside
There’s something wrong with November
It breaks us down
Cursed bottles and ring fingers
It breaks us down

We lived in a dirty city
It kept our hearts
Soot stains and the midnight sirens
We slept entwined

Gunshots and the open windows
It broke us down
Our lives in plastic bags
It blew us ‘round

If you were to tell me years ago
We’d be sitting here alone
The night we called the moon/down
To the carpet in your room

Wish I could forget half/of/everything
In this life there’s too much time
And I can’t recall anything
Except your whispers in the dark

I look down the empty hallway
Night has set in
Shadows dance on the quiet walls now
Sleep rushes in
We’re cut by the January
It tears us down
Cursed bottle and ring fingers
It pulls us down
Track Name: when we were young
Baited in the yard
Lips tucked, door ajar
There’s nothing I can say to you
Leaning against your car

Thank you for your keys
They will bring you peace
Your camera skips down the stair
Shatters under stars

When we were young
There was nothing to hold us back
Gagged and bound
Nothing to hold us back

I will take you there
It’s quiet and dark
I’m sorry for your car
And what we shared in the dark

When we were young
There was nothing to hold us back
Gagged and bound
Nothing to hold us back

Quiet now…
Silent how…

Years from this place
As Halloween fades to grey
I warm you by the fire
Smoke gets in your eyes
Track Name: funeral song
When I decide to leave this place
On my own or pushed a pace
I’ll leave you here to sing along
I’ll leave you with this funeral song

Now I see the sky
How do I reach good bye

Every day’s another toll
Weight of years, memory folds
Parts of you I'll never know
Pieces left to ungrow

How do you justify this endless oblivion
How can we just deny the faith we’re given
I won’t sleep another night with you next to me
Sewn to my fate, a pot of dust just blowin’

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